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Change through sharing.

In our recent publication, we highlight how knowledge sharing can lead to increased and shared success in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030). We call for increased effort to collate species-level, fine-scale, ecological community data from restoration studies across a wide range of environmental and ecological gradients. These data could be made openly available to the restoration community to maximize evidence-based knowledge sharing and support predictive capacity in ecological community responses to restoration actions.

Check out this cool video about it made by Magda Garbowski & Emma :

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See original paper:

  • Emma Ladouceur, Nancy Shackelford, Karma Bouazza, Lars Brudvig, Anna Bucharova, Timo Conradi, Todd E. Erickson, Magda Garbowski, Kelly Garvy, W. Stanley Harpole, Holly P. Jones, Tiffany Knight, Mlungele M. Nsikani, Gustavo Paterno, Katharine Suding, Vicky M. Temperton, Péter Török, Daniel E. Winkler, Jonathan M. Chase 2022 Knowledge sharing for shared success in the decade on ecosystem restoration Ecological Solutions and Evidence